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Courses Description

- Students can choose up to two courses: a morning session and an afternoon session.

- Class time: morning course (09:30~12:00) / afternoon course (13:30~16:00)



Smart Phones: The Great Leap towards Ubiquitous Computing (Morning Class)


Just as the Internet changed the world at the turn of the century, now smartphones are powering a new paradigm of mobile technology. Today, the average user spend more time on their smartphones than computers.


South Korea, as the world's foremost adopter of cutting-edge technology, plays host to the technology ecosystem of the future. With its advanced communications infrastructure, the country is a playground for new electronic gadgets. What lessons can we learn from this technological environment, and how can they be applied to the smartphone industry? Where are we heading with this new smart device revolution, and how will it shape global society and the economy?


This course focuses on the technological side of smartphones, from the macro level of data networks all the way down to the micro level of smart phone applications. Senior researchers from Samsung Electronics and SKKU will share their insights and guide student projects for developing mobile applications.



Seminar on Korean Business in an International Context: What Makes Samsung Strong? (Afternoon Class)


The course entitled “What Makes Samsung Strong” will introduce you to several aspects of Samsung’s management philosophy that have been instrumental to the growth of the electronics giant. The course also explores how Samsung Electronics manages its sales globally with 54 subsidiaries covering 80 countries. You will learn how Samsung Electronics is able to maintain its leadership in the marketplace as well as how it plans and executes its sales strategies with a global mindset.


During the course, you will have two business case studies—mobile phones and the Netbook success story. For the mobile phone case study, we will invite CS Choi who has served as Executive VP of Samsung Electronics and President of Samsung Electronics America Inc. The Netbook case study will be covered by me precisely.


The course also invites you to Samsung Innovation Museum in Suwon, 50 km south of SKKU’s Seoul campus, where you will see the history of Samsung—the past, present, and future of Samsung Electronics—and feel the strong potential energy of future growth as well.


Korean Culture and Society: Dynamic Korea (Morning/Afternoon Class)


This course is designed as an introductory overview of Korean history, culture and society from past to present. It will also help students who do not have prior knowledge to understand the cultural norms, values and attitudes of contemporary Korean society. This course is divided into three themes: History & Politics, Culture & Society, and Contemporary Issues.


The 'History & Politics' theme will explore modern Korean history, with a focus not only on domestic history, but also on developments in East Asia including China and Japan related to the Korean peninsula. The second theme will focus on current 'Cultural & Societal' issues such as language, food, religion and interpersonal relations in Korean society. In the final week, the Third theme on contemporary issues will include a discussion of current music, TV dramas, and movies in Korea.