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Academic Policies


Grading Policies

SKKU’s WISE has an absolute grading system: students who acquire a grade/score beyond the minimum criteria set by a professor will be given a “Pass”.  Grading is at the professor’s discretion, so any appeals or requests regarding the grading/evaluation system should be directed to them.


Transcript and Certificate of Completion

A transcript and certificate of completion will be available at graduation, and will only be provided if the student completes the program successfully with passing grades.  Students whose home universities insist on receiving their certificates by mail can make a special request to the Office of International Affairs.


Course Add/Drop

Adding or dropping courses is NOT allowed during the entire WISE period.  Please make sure you select the correct course.  Since the program lasts only three weeks, it is impossible for us to administer course changes.



Each WISE course (weighted 3 academic credits) requires students to fulfill 2.5 study hours per day throughout the entire program.  This is not inclusive of the time students are expected to spend before or after class studying, doing homework, or other preparations.


Credit Transfer

A student’s home university is responsible for recognizing SKKU’s WISE credits.  SKKU only provides information on the grading system, course syllabus, and academic policy.  Therefore, all participants who wish to transfer SKKU WISE credits are advised to contact their academic advisor at their home university in advance to ensure their WISE credits are transferred successfully.