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Cultural Activities

Nanta Show
Nanta Show IMG
Nanta is Korea's unique non-verbal comedy show that incorporates traditional “Samul nori” rhythm which in this case is performed with improvised instruments, such as cutting boards, water canisters, and kitchen knives.  As the "must see performance" in Korea, the Nanta show provides a fun and exciting time!


是韩国独特的非语言喜剧节目,融合了传统的“Samil nori”节奏,在这种节奏下,利用乐器如砧板,水罐和厨房刀具来演奏。作为韩国的“必看表演”, Nanta表演将提供一个有趣而激动人心的时刻!


Korean Spirit and Culture
Korean Spirit and Culture IMG
The Special lecture on Korean Spirit and Culture provides a basic introduction to Korea's long rich history, the spirit of its people, and its cultural values.  You can also try on "Hanbok", Korea's traditional clothing.



OId City Tour
OId City Tour IMG
Gyeongbok Palace is the most beautiful of Korea’s five great palaces.  Hanbok is the traditional clothing of Korea.  You will have the chance to wear traditional clothing, tour the palace, and take memorable pictures.   Plus, WISE students can visit nearby Insadong where there are hundreds of galleries, calligraphy supply shops, antique art shops, traditional craft shops, frame stores, Korean restaurants, and traditional tea shops.



Korean Folk Village Tour
Korean Folk Village IMG
Spend a day in Korea’s past at Yongin’s Korean Folk Village.  This 243-acre living museum recreates life in the late Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), offering over 260 buildings as well as lively cultural performances and activities.  This was also the filming location for many Korean movies and TV dramas.



Taekwondo Experience
Taekwondo IMG
Taekwondo is one of the most systematic and scientific Korean martial arts that teaches more than physical fighting skills. This is your opportunity to learn how it’s done!



N Seoul Tower
N Seoul Tower IMG
N Seoul Tower is a city landmark that cannot be missed.  It is on Namsan Mountain, which is at the southern end of the old city wall of Seoul.  Nowadays it is at the center of the modern city with a beautiful view in every direction.

N首尔塔是一个不容错过的城市地标。它位于南山(Namsan Mountain),首尔古城墙的南端。如今它位于现代城市的中心,四面八方都可欣赏到美丽的景色。


K-Pop Dance Experience
K-pop Dance IMG
The Korean Wave has been sweeping the globe with many hit K-Pop performers.  Don't miss your chance to try out some of their dance moves and experience the music and culture first hand.

韩国浪潮和有很多热门的K-Pop表演者一直席卷全球 。不要错过尝试一些舞蹈动作。这是一个可以亲身体验音乐和文化的机会


Korean Winter Sports
Korean Winter Sports IMG
Korea hosted the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang which was the nation's opportunity to show off its numerous winter sports facilities.  If you are a lover of winter sports, Korea has what you you're looking for.



Running Man Experience
Running Man IMG
Running Man is a revolutionary, fun new attraction based on the hit Korean TV show.  As the 8th member, receive your mission and complete the various exciting tasks.  You can be awarded a certificate and have your picture will be hung up in the Hall of Fame.

Running Man是一部基于热门韩国电视节目。你可以作为第8个成员,接受使命并完成各种令人兴奋的任务。您将可以获得证书,并将您的照片挂在大堂


Jimjilbang (Korean Dry Sauna)
Jimjilbang IMG
A jjimjilbang is a traditional Korean spa where people often come and stay with their family and their friends, especially during the winter season.  A jjimjilbang offers mental and physical relaxation and is equipped with features including fitness areas, spas, saunas, rooftop gardens, restaurants, and movie theaters.  If you need to unwind and relax this is the place to go.

Jimjilbang 是一家传统的韩国温泉疗养中心,在韩国人们经常与家人和朋友一起去桑拿。在 Jimjilbang可以达到身心和精神放松的效果, Jimjilbang 也包括健身区,斯帕斯,桑拿浴,屋顶花园,餐馆和电影院等。 如果你需要放松放松,那么就来体验一下。


Hallyu Star Make-up Class
Hallyu Star IMG
Ever wonder how K-pop and K-drama stars look so gorgeous? Learn the secrets of Korean beauty by taking the Hallyu Star Make-up Class where you can learn how to imitate the current trendy make-up knowhow of Korean celebrities.



SM Town
Visit SM Town located at COEX Mall to experience K-pop culture.  SM Town consists of a museum, theater, gift shop, and cafe which are related to Hallyu stars from SM Entertainment.  In SM Theater, you could watch a variety of performances, including holograms, musicals, and concerts.

将会访问位于COEX购物中心的SM Town,体验K-pop文化。 SM Town由博物馆,剧院,礼品店和咖啡馆组成,都与SM Entertainment的韩流明星有关。在SM剧院,您可以观看各种表演,包括全息图,音乐剧和演唱会的展示图。